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I Am an Apple

What if I said, "I am a Golden Delicious Apple. This is my truth. This is my authentic self. If you suggest I am anything other than a Golden Delicious Apple, you are a blind bigot filled with hatred. You have no right to tell me who I am. In fact, you have no right to deny my very Appleness..."


What does it mean to "Come to Christ?" Jesus said, "Come to Me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest..."

Lemon or Lemonade?

Recently a friend in ministry asked me a profound question: "As I mature in ministry, how can I maintain a heart that cherishes Jesus above all other competing demands?" ...

Sheep of Christ

If you're like me, you know almost nothing about sheep. You may have stroked one at a petting zoo or State Fair, but aside from your cable-knit sweater from L.L. Bean, you and sheep don't have much in common...

Slaves of Christ

Two pervasive images in the Bible describe God's people: Slaves and Sheep. What are we to make of such comparisons?