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Hallelujah! A Christmas Song

Years ago I heard a song – a ballad – that told the cryptic story of a man yearning for the Transcendent – for God – whether he knew it or not. But now I've heard a Better Version, that honors Christ at Christmas ...

Rosaria Butterfield

Now that's an unusual name ... and a sister-in-Christ for whom I've grown a great deal of respect. She has written some great books that (perhaps) you've heard of: The Secret Thoughts of an Unlikely Convert, The Gospel Comes with a House Key, and her latest book, Five Lies of Our Anti-Christian Age.

A Song for Our Souls

Ever since Eden's eviction, we've pitched our tent on a volcanic rim – molten chaos churning and burning. Perched on the edge. The world rumbles, awaiting eruption. Seldom considering the Way of the Prince of Peace. Surrounded by such bedlam, what will still our souls?

100 Impossible Things ... God Did

I don't know if you're like me, but one good night of sleep erases most of my perspective ... and each morning I need to "go find it again" by picking up my Bible and reading it. I need to continually refocus on the truths of Scripture, which teach me that nothing is impossible with God...