One Day Left

One Day Left

22 years ago, I wrote a poem for my two oldest children (Lauren and Daniel) on the day before school let out for summer vacation. I made some connections to life and Jesus, as you'll see below:

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Chase a Bumblebee?

One Day Left

Just one day left, then free!
To chase a bumblebee,
(or bumblebee chase me?).
To throw a rock so far
(I think I just hit Mars).
To catch fireflies in jars,
I know they come from Mars! (ask Timon)
To throw a ball all day,
Stare at the Milky-way.
To sleep out in a tent,
Would make me so-o-o-o content.
To stay up way too late,
No homework left to hate.

Just one day left at school
I think I’m gonna droooool!
Imagine one big pool
To jump in — oh so cool!
Vacation is a jewel.

Just one day left to study,
And then my hands get muddy;
My feet and knees as well,
No ringing classroom bell.

And though we don’t know when ...
Jesus plans to come again –
It may be very soon,
Perhaps today at Noon?
But one thing is quite clear,
This day before is dear:
The day with one last morn,
The day when hope is born,
The day to live “all out,”
The day to give a shout!
Just one day left to go,
'Til Jesus takes us Home.

Yes, Summer is a taste
Of gazing at His face.
His day will come so soon,
Tonight may be last moon.
He may return this June!
And so, let's sing this tune:

“Just one day left to go,
No need to take it slow.
Tomorrow will begin
The day that knows no end.”

Lauren and Daniel, have a great last day of school (and don’t drool).

Love, Dad