Let Other Things Go

Let Other Things Go

Years ago, I heard a quotation attributed to Oswald Chambers. It's one of those quotations that improves with time. Here it is:

"It is impossible for a believer, no matter what his experience, to keep right with God if he will not take the trouble to spend time with God. Spend plenty of time with God; let other things go, but don't neglect Him."

I've had that quotation printed on a 3x5 card and used as a bookmark in my Bible for nearly 30 years. It has been my modus operandi ever since. If I'm swamped with deadlines and insufficient preparation, I refuse to let the sirens win. I must spend time with God. I must not neglect Him. Afterall, He can do more in an instant than I can accomplish in years of effort. In a complex, complicated, pell-mell-world, Oswald Chambers' wisdom may be the secret to a meaningful, satisfying, significant life.

3 x 5 Card as Bookmark used in my Bible. This is about the 6th iteration over the years.

And now you know why I named my first blog (from 2010) LetOtherThingsGo here.