Jesus, Adverbially Speaking ...

Jesus, Adverbially Speaking ...

When Adjectives Simply Won't Do.

We all know grammar: adjectives modify nouns. They add color, depth, and liveliness to otherwise unadorned, static nouns.  Adverbs, however, are adjectives' better-looking cousins. Their primary duty is to modify verbs.  And since I'm drawn far more to verbs (action!) than nouns (statues), I declare ardently, fervently, passionately (see what I did there?) that adverbs make poems sing ... spectacularly!

Here's a hot tip to spot an adverb: it usually ends with -ly.

Without further ado, I offer a simple poem about Jesus with no adjectives but many adverbs.  Jesus, the one who walked wildly through our world ...

After Waiting Patiently.


Born Meagerly.

Lived Perfectly.

Loved Extravagantly.

Served Wholeheartedly.

Died Brutally.

Buried Humbly.

Rose Victoriously.

Ascended Gloriously.

Will Return Triumphantly.