In My Place

In My Place

A Poem Celebrating Jesus' Death in My Place

Stole the Gift That Wasn't His ...

¹There was a Tot
Who eyed a toy,
When no one looked
He acted coy,
Then reaching out
The thieving boy ...

Stole the gift that wasn’t his –
Innocence now lost its fizz –
Like the child, who guilty is –
In my place, and for my biz –
Jesus died – and yet He lives.

²There was a Girl
Who smeared some lies,
To gain esteem
In others’ eyes,
But she forgot
To her surprise ...

Tales will never win the day –
Ev'ry slander will betray –
Judgment will not long delay –
In her place, Christ chose to pay –
Jesus died – to make a way.

Sun Dial
Rail Against Athletic Foes ...

³There was a Teen
Who didn’t fit,
When teams were picked
He’d always sit,
To brood and plot
To kick and spit ...

Rail against athletic foes –
"I will smite them on the nose"
Bitter are his thoughts of those –
In his place, Christ took the blows –
Jesus died – and then he rose.

⁴The aging Star
She dreamed within,
Of younger days,
When she was thin,
Now envy ruled
To her chagrin ...

Could she ever be content? –
Time had stolen her consent –
Oh, the struggle to repent! –
In her place, he underwent –
Jesus died, for her lament.

Shoreham-By-Sea sunset.
Oh, the Heavens Opened Up! ...

⁵There was a Man
Now soon to die,
Who’d bet it all
On Jesus’ side,
And as he gazed
Up to the sky ...

Though the law would not letup –
Oh, the heavens opened up! –
The ol’ hound became a pup –
In his place, Christ drained the cup –
Jesus died, to raise him up.

⁶And one day soon,
I’ll join the crowd,
And sing along
And sing it loud,
For I am His,
Of this I’m proud ...

Jesus is the only way –
He is near to all who pray –
Won’t you look for him today? –
In your place, and on display –
Jesus died, to save the day,
Jesus rose not to decay,
Jesus lives to be the Way,
Chose his church, his fiancé,
Fashioned her from Potter’s clay,
While his kingdom’s underway,
He’ll return without delay,
Jesus died, to crown the day!