A Poem of Jesus in the Storm

A Poem of Jesus in the Storm

Martin Luther once said, "I've got so much to do today that I will give myself to 3 or 4 hours of prayer." Something like that.

Not long ago, I felt the same way. "Lord, I've got so much to do today ..." I felt a lot of pressure, overwhelmed by my to-do list. However, instead of throwing myself immediately into work, I opened my Bible and read Mark 4:35-41 (here). Jesus is asleep in a boat, in a raging storm. He awakes and commands the winds and waves, "Quiet, be still!" And nature obeys its Creator.

One of the calmer days in the furious fifties

So instead of jumping into my work, I wrote a poem about Jesus in the Storm. Why? Because Jesus is more important than my work. A poem is a purposeful homage to "wasting" precious work time to exalt the One who created me for Himself. Here's my poem based on Mark 4:35-41 (you may want to read this story before reading the poem).

Jesus in the Storm

Parables finished, the crowd headed home,
As sunset fell further upon their shalom;
And Jesus, twelve men, and a boat upon foam,
Cross waters, with fishermen’s skill.

From out of the east, great thunderclouds swept
Exhausted, below in the stern, Jesus slept.
Twelve men huddled close, while a sudden squall crept
Upon them: "Drown us, it will!"

Wakened from slumber, Jesus climbed up the stairs,
Disciples disheveled and drenched in such cares;
When Jesus erupted, in a thunderous blare –
A command: "Quiet! Be Still!"

The wind whirled off, with the waves close in tow,
Men’s faces agape, and their knees like Jell-O,
Their chaos turned silent, "Who is this Fellow,
That nature obeys with such thrill?"

Write Your Own Poem?

"Lord, today I'm flooded with projects, deadlines, annoyances, and many fears. How can I get it all done? I need you, Jesus. You can. You care. You calm a storm. You conquer your men. Reminded of your power, I get 'back to work,' knowing the One who can still any storm."
Heart on Paper

Hey, why don't you hit 'pause' on your work and write a poem to God, about something you read in the Scriptures? It'll be good for you! A reminder about Who is in control.