Christmas Poem 6: Jesus is Better Than ...

Christmas Poem 6: Jesus is Better Than ...

20 years ago, I began a tradition of writing a poem to Jesus for Christmas. It seemed the least I could do for Him, who gave His life for me.  

Here is poem #6, which I wrote in December, 2015!

Jesus is Better Than…

(The footnotes – hyperlinked – refer to Bible verses which assist in understanding this poem.)

¹As I read the Book of Books,
And I pause upon each page,
Unveiled, a Holy Hero
Comes alive upon the stage.

²Embedded in each story,
A glimmer of His light,
That shines out all the brighter
When we ponder Christmas night.

³He’s better than First Adam¹
Who in his Garden caved;
While Jesus in Gethsemane²
Resolved that men be saved.

⁴He’s better than dear Abraham
Consenting to leave home;³
But what would it be like
To leave behind a heav'nly throne?

⁵Yes, better than ol’ Abraham
Who left his life behind;
Christ left His Father’s presence
For a manger, for mankind.

⁶He’s better than young Isaac
For whom the knife was stayed;
When bound upon a beam of wood
Was pierced through while He prayed.

⁷He’s better than the dreamer,
Teenage Joseph, sold from view;
Forgiving ruthless brothers
For they know not what they do.”

⁸He’s better than one Moses
Who complained about his ‘peeps’;¹⁰
Since Jesus is the Shepherd
Who laid down His life for sheep.¹¹

⁹He’s better than a boy named Dave,
Who killed Goliath tall;¹²
For when Christ killed the Villain Sin,
He sacrificed His all.¹³

¹⁰He’s better than Queen Esther
If I perish, then I do,”¹⁴
No escaping Royal justice –
I will perish, all for you.”¹⁵

¹¹He’s better than mad Jonah¹⁶
Sleeping three days in a fish;¹⁷
He rose from death victor'ous¹⁸
To grant our greatest wish.

¹²He’s better than dear Daniel
Who fused the lions’ teeth;¹⁹
For when the weight of judgment came
He surrendered underneath.

¹³He’s better than the Prophets
And the Priests and Law combined;²⁰
He’s better than the Angels²¹
Who are tasked to serve mankind.

¹⁴And what more can we say
If we included Gideon?
Or Samuel, Samson, Jephthah,
—“The world’s not worthy of Him.”²²

¹⁵He is the Holy Hero,
For whom the Title Role
Is acted incognito
Within the Bible whole.

¹⁶Now when you read each story
From the ancient Bible text,
You’ll see His fame spotlighted,
— No longer be perplexed.

¹⁷He is the Bible’s Champion,
And Jesus is His name;
He’s ‘Better Than’ the best of men,
And this is why He came!

Though out of sight, Jesus is alive today.
Born a baby,
lived a God-Man,
died a Substitute,
risen from the dead,
and returning … maybe soon!

Merry Christmas & Happy Birthday, Jesus.

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