Christmas Poem 4: And Jesus Came for Me

Christmas Poem 4: And Jesus Came for Me

20 years ago, I began a tradition of writing a poem to Jesus for Christmas. It seemed the least I could do for Him, who gave His life for me.  

Here is poem #4, which I wrote in December, 2005!

¹Christmas runs at break-neck pace,
While drama spins behind each face,
But they don’t know, it’s not a race.
And Jesus waits for them.

²The young launch out, ambitions bold,
While ‘seasoned salts’ let dreams run cold;
A few find life, the rest – fool’s gold.
And Jesus watches them.

³He walked alone down empty streets,
A broken man with aching feet,
He’d lost the life he strove to keep.
Yet Jesus died for him.

⁴She crowned her tree with crystal star,
Her home, impeccable by far,
But when guests left, her soul’s ajar.
And Jesus wept for her.

⁵They raised their cups and toasted gains,
The market had been good to them,
To get so rich yet grow so vain.
And Jesus stared at them.

⁶The little boy, ice cream his own,
A hungry man sat all alone,
He begged for bread but got a cone.
And Jesus smiled at them.

⁷The others left, she stayed behind,
Though it was right, she’d lost her ride;
The night grew dark, the traffic died,
When Jesus came for her.

⁸He bent his knee and popped the Q,
Her face, a rose be-streaked with dew;
A kiss that promises, “I do.”
And Jesus gazed at them.

⁹The toddler burped and sneezed, and well,
The third thing is not right to tell;
But Daddy choked, “O, what a smell!”
And Jesus laughed with them.

¹⁰Old lady napped, her guests were few,
Disease and years had ripped right through,
She dreamed of Home, where old’s made new.
And Jesus held her hand.

¹¹Her water broke the silent night,
Distended months took final flight,
A mother held her newborn tight.
And Jesus cradled them.

¹²And one day – Oh! so long ago,
A Father wept for those below,
His Son then volunteered to go.
A baby born for us.

¹³So Christmas came, wrapped in disguise,
But visited by three kings wise,¹
A baby born to die and rise.
And Jesus was His name.

¹⁴He had but one, so simple, rule,
To lose your life,² to look the fool³
To sell your all, to buy the jewel,
And forfeit not your soul.²

¹⁵He’ll come again, this Infant-King,
And all who lived for Him, He’ll bring
To rule o’er Paradise and sing:
“Jesus is Supreme.”

Come Soon, Lord Jesus.
Happy Birthday.

¹ Matt 2:1-12
² Mark 8:35-36
³ 1 Corinthians 1:27
Matthew 13:45-46
Acts 1:11
Revelation 19:14
Colossians 1:18

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