Christmas Poem 2: 'Twas the Night After Christmas

Christmas Poem 2: 'Twas the Night After Christmas

Nearly 20 years ago, the idea came to me to write a poem to Jesus for Christmas. It seemed the least I could do for Him, who gave His life for me. Each year, I attempt to offer Him a simple poem, with the hope that it will make Him smile. I suspect it does.

So, here is poem #2, that I wrote way back in December, 2002!  

'Twas the Night After Christmas

¹‘Twas the night after Christmas
When all through the house,
Not a creature was stirring,
Not even my spouse.

²All the presents ripped opened
In rapid-fire haste,
But when we were done
Well, it seemed such a waste.

³And I wondered within
Why did I feel hollow?
Was this all there was
With no more to follow?

⁴My credit card’s maxed
Yet my happiness lags;
I thought I’d feel more,
And my spirit, it sags.

⁵I pondered my plight
In my ransacked abode,
The tinsel and star
On the tree a la mode.

⁶And I wondered again
If I’d missed something plain.
Where can I find joy
I have searched for in vain?

⁷So I sank in my chair
And pondered anew:
My presents abundant,
My blessings so few.

⁸When my eye glimpsed the manger
On carpet below,
Where the kids propped the cows
And the sheep in a row.

⁹And Mary and Joseph
They knelt by the hay,
In statuesque wonder
As if they might pray.

¹⁰And how was their Christmas
Reflected in mine?
The Babe in the feedbox
I took as a sign.

¹¹Now what if instead
Of these ribbons undone,
I’d pause to consider
The birth of their Son?

¹²“Happy Birthday to Jesus,
Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday dear Jesus,”
This thought seemed brand new.

¹³For who was this Child¹
That we honor this day?
And what could I give Him,
And what would He say?

¹⁴O Jesus, Your birthday,
It came with a hush.
No present I gave you –
I forgot in the rush.

¹⁵But long ago rode
Three trav'lers to give
Such a present you’d treasure
For as long as you’d live.

¹⁶One gave you some gold,²
Another perfume,
A third gave you myrrh
To prepare for your tomb.³

¹⁷And I wonder just now
If I’d lived way back then,
What would I have given
This Savior of men?

¹⁸And now I can see
It’s not about us.
It’s not about toys,
Snow, Santa and fuss.

¹⁹It’s the birthday of Jesus –
God’s come in the flesh;
A babe all wrapped up
In raggedy mesh.

²⁰He’s God’s gift this Christmas,
Not under a tree,
But nailed to a timber
for you and for me.

²¹The Innocent suffered,
The guilty set free,
I barely can fathom
This Gift is for me.

²²“You're just what I wanted
For Christmas, this year.

You're just what I wanted,”
I said through my tears.

²³And so I’ve decided
That Christmas is more
Than red and green cookies,
Mistletoe over doors.

²⁴It’s all about Jesus
Whom God gave for me.
‘Twas the night after Christmas
When finally, I see.

¹ Isaiah 9:6-7
² Matthew 2:11
³ John 19:38-40
Galatians 3:13

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